Don’t Delay—Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Fix a Leaky Chimney

Don’t Delay—Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Fix a Leaky Chimney

We get it—when you discover an unexpected issue with your chimney (or another part of your house), you’re put in a frustrating position. Sometimes, it can be challenging to take immediate action, and before you know it, several weeks have passed. Unfortunately, this scenario often leads to the damage worsening over time.

With a chimney, especially, it can be tempting to put off making repairs. After all, most people aren’t using their chimneys on a day-to-day basis—this can create the false impression that the leak isn’t damaging other parts of their home.

However, it’s best to prioritize fixing a leaky chimney as soon as you encounter the problem. Why? Well, if water gets into your home, it can lead to water damage and a host of other issues. The longer the moisture remains there, the worse the damage will become, and the more expensive the repairs.

Four reasons to repair a leaky chimney ASAP.

You can help prevent rot, electrical fires, and more

No one wants to find rot in any part of their home. However, the longer a leaky chimney is left unrepaired, the more likely it is that interior rot will develop.

Whatever path offers the least resistance is the way water will travel when you have a chimney leak. Unfortunately, this means water could wind up in places that you wouldn’t have expected—whether it’s the ceiling of the next room over, your fuse box, or somewhere else entirely.

If the water ends up above ceilings or behind the walls of your home, it can lead to the growth of mold or rot. This is a significant health hazard, especially to individuals with allergies or other sensitivities.

It’s also possible for water to come into contact with electrical wiring. When this happens, an electrical fire could be the result.

Other potential issues include peeling paint or wallpaper and plaster or wood beginning to sag.

chimney leak can damage your roof

It’s not just the interior of your home that’s at risk due to a leaking chimney. It’s also possible for your roof to be damaged. More specifically, the space around your chimney’s flashing could suffer the brunt of the damage.

Ultimately, the water that finds its way through damaged bricks near the flashing can result in water damaging the roof decking. In severe cases, you might even need to replace your roof—however, this is far less likely to occur if you repair the leak early.

Prevent rust or other damage to your fireplace

Naturally, with a fireplace leak comes the potential of a damaged fireplace. Even if the leak occurs within your fireplace, it can result in rusting, damage to your chimney liner, and more. Further, if you notice a leak within your fireplace, it is a good indicator that there could be other leaks in your chimney—so take action immediately in case there’s a serious issue that you can’t see.

The quicker you repair the leak, the less money you’ll spend

As you might expect, to repair more severe damage, you’re going to face a heavier price tag. This is because the longer there’s a leak in your chimney, the more damage will be caused. This means that the sooner you handle the issue, the less money you’ll be spending on repairs.

Contact Able Roof

If additional leaks begin to develop in the roof or chimney, this can also result in more expensive repairs. If you suspect there’s a leak in your chimney or fireplace, be sure to get in touch with Able Roof as soon as possible. You can receive a free estimate through our site today.

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