How to Prepare for a Roof Replacement

How to Prepare for a Roof Replacement

A roof replacement job is a relatively straightforward process, and a good roofer will let you know what to expect on your scheduled roof replacement day. While your roofing team will certainly provide some general guidance to prepare you for the work, it’s wise to take a few steps to prepare your property and minimize the cleanup you will need to address once the work is done.

Clear the area immediately around your home’s perimeter

Your roofing team will need to walk through your yard during your roof replacement, and they will also likely bring a dumpster and park it in your driveway. Roof replacement begins with removing the old roof, and your roofing team will likely start at the corner of your roof opposite the dumpster so that they can get as much as possible into the dumpster safely.

Before your scheduled roof replacement, move your vehicles out of your driveway, into your garage, or to the street, so they are not in the way. This will also protect them from falling debris as your roofing team works. Take time to move patio furniture, kids’ toys, grills, and other items away from the area immediately surrounding your home.

Protect and prepare your landscape

Many homeowners have gardens, flowerbeds, trees, and other vegetation surrounding their homes. If you have plants that you want to protect, it’s important to take a few precautions. Consider laying a tarp or protective netting over sensitive plants around your house. These will catch pieces of debris that could otherwise become lost, potentially harming your plants as they deteriorate. If you have any sensitive trees that you do not want to be harmed by the work, mark them with orange tape or ribbon and notify the roofing team to be careful around them.

It’s also wise to mow your grass before the roof replacement. This will make it easier for your roofing team to move around your home and make it much easier to locate pieces of debris scattered throughout the area. Unlock any gates on your property so your roofers can move around more easily. Roofers typically use metal detectors, magnets, and other instruments that allow them to locate lost nails and other metal pieces quickly and easily, but these precautions can reduce your chances of missing any debris that could later cause injury.

Prepare the interior of your home

The roof replacement process entails a great deal of vibration throughout your home. This means disruptive noises and the potential for vibrations to damage certain things inside your house. Your attic is especially vulnerable because the roofers will be working directly above the attic space. It’s a good idea to remove any fragile items or important keepsakes stored there and put them on your home’s ground level until the job is done.

Your roofing team will likely place wooden boards over your windows to protect them from falling debris. While they can help protect the exterior of your home, take time to remove any hanging artwork or framed photos that could fall from the vibrations of the roof replacement work. This is most important on your home’s top floors closest to where the roofers will be working.

It’s also important to be prepared for potential disruptions to your television service during the process. Your roofers will need to remove any fixtures or accessories attached to your roof, including solar panels and satellite TV dishes.

Warn your neighbors and prepare your family

You may be prepared to deal with roof replacement’s noise and vibrations, but it’s important to notify your immediate neighbors of the job in advance. This will help them prepare for the noise and debris that may fall into their yards. Your neighbors will appreciate this consideration.

If you have small children, make sure they stay inside during the roof replacement or have them spend the day with friends or relatives. Make sure they know that they must be careful in the yard afterward, so they do not accidentally step on any missed nails or other debris that could cause injury. Pets may also require special attention. Dogs, cats, birds, and other domesticated pets are sensitive to loud noises and vibrations, so it is worth considering a kennel or pet boarding service for the day. Otherwise, be sure to keep your pets inside as much as possible.

An experienced professional roofer will provide you with extensive instructions to help you prepare for your roof replacement, but taking the initiative in preparation will help the whole process go much more smoothly. If you are ready to replace your roof and want a professional team to handle the job, contact Able Roof today for more information about our roofing services.

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